Update 0.0321

In my last update, I worked on many bugs and implemented a couple of new things:


  • Saving system, the player is now able to continue the game from where he left it
  • New default gun! The faster the player shoots, the faster it will spin! (Will eventually be related to a futur content)

Bug fixed:

  • Level Design
    • Level 1: Placed some objects to prevent some cubes to be moved and be lost by the player
    • Level 2 : The obstacles in the first puzzle have been scaled down a little and the distance between them have been increasedà
  • Design
    • Fixed the feedback for the white bullet, now more visible
    • Enemies are now displaying their color properly when dying
    • The new gun now shoots bullets at every mouse click, making it more easy to fight enemies and hit buttons
  • General
    • Fading animation when the player dies
    • Fixed the button for the respawn of the player
    • Fixed when the player was shooting himself when looking down
    • The pause menu doesn't overlap when changing to control and repressing "ESC" or "P"
    • The player now spawns to some predefined spawn points
    • The player now has a fixed propulsion when using the jumping plateform. He doesn't jump at random heights anymore.

Known issues:

  • No feedback when enemy is hit
  • The resolution isn't available for x1080 if its not in fullscreen
  • The sound that makes the enemies doesn't stop with time
  • Musics overlap when reaching the Thanks 

Feel free to give some feedback about this last update and report any bugs you could encounter!

Hope you'll keep following my progression and my project :) 




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Feb 06, 2019

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